Family limited partnership its pros and cons

We all wish to avoid taxes or maybe in a way limit tax burdens. For every family that has amassed a substantial amount of wealth and do care about protecting it for multi-generational purposes, it

Smart retirement income strategy

6 solid retirement income strategies Everyone knows that in order to have a pleasant retirement, it is necessary to prepare financially. Just like in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.

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Joint tenancy Pros and Cons

Is Joint Tenancy really the best type of ownership for real estate properties? There are 4 common types of Tenancy in real estate ownership. * Tenancy in severalty * Tenancy in common * Joint Tenancy

We reached 7000+ Followers on Instagram

We reached 7000+ followers in few short months. My Instagram account focuses on appreciating high-quality and inspiring photography in home decor, home remodeling, and lifestyle. It is exciting to me with the opportunity to display

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Trust, real estate investment properties and the connection with tax laws

Transfer of estate properties to a Trust and its tax implications Real estate investors and most families in the US own real estate properties for different purposes but in most cases, highly valuable estates are

Your house in a Trust: Pros and Cons

Does a Living Trust really live up to its promises? Like so many other things in life, a revocable living trust comes with both pros and cons. In reality, whether a revocable living trust will

Interested in the longevity of your family business

Tactical hints for multi-generational business transition. In the realm of business enterprise, everyone will have to resign at one point or another. If you plan on keeping your company afloat after so many years of hard

A good insight into the pros and cons of transferring investment property to a Trust

Trusts are becoming an increasingly popular ownership structure for most families’ and property investors’ valuable real estates in the United States because of 3 major benefits The tax benefits Asset protection Estate planning and the

Worried about how to maximize tax saving on your charitable donations? You should read this!

Techniques on how to make charitable donations more powerful under the new tax law                       The motive behind every charitable contribution doesn’t necessarily have to come under any scrutiny as long as numerous lives get

Want your beneficiaries to effortlessly inherit the estate property? Here is a guide

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. You are clear about whom you want it to end up with it when you die. As a parent after your death, you surely want your kids

Invest smartly today and secure financial freedom for the future Choose Parc Bay real estate services

Buying, selling or investing in real estate properties has always been a notable milestone. A wise real estate business deal with an immense measure of value would usually require that interested individuals or families make

Just Listed! Beautiful Modern Condo 2 Bed 2 Bath for Lease

      Modern Living in SoMa district of San Francisco. This beautiful condo is located at THE PALMS building surrounded by lots of restaurants and shops. Custom lighting, remodeled kitchen, and designer finishes throughout.