Downtown San Mateo: Homes for Sale

Downtown San Mateo offers everything small start-ups need. It’s a bike friendly community, convenient to all points of the Bay, and the train station is within walking distance. We are never more than a block away from a delicious bite to eat.


San Mateo has one of the larger, well developed, more prominent suburban downtowns in the San Francisco Bay Area. The downtown core contains over 800 shops and restaurants, many of them in historic buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Any start-up should consider Downtown San Mateo. The Caltrain station is situated downtown. The downtown also contains many large and small multi-story office buildings, apartments, government buildings and Mills Medical Center, making the area a busy employment center day and night.


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Inside Michelin-Starred All Spice’s New Downtown Spinoff

The San Mateo favorite now has a second location in the city.


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