Invest smartly today and secure financial freedom for the future Choose Parc Bay real estate services

Buying, selling or investing in real estate properties has always been a notable milestone. A wise real estate business deal with an immense measure of value would usually require that interested individuals or families make use of the services of expert real estate agencies. We are pleased with how far we’ve come as a fast-growing agency serving the unique real estate properties of our clients in the United States and most especially our wide client base in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei and we still wish to serve you more.


Buying your first home? Ready to sell, lease your properties or invest in real estate? Search no further!


We are a one-stop shop that provides a host of real estate brokerage services including;

  • Property investment packages
  • Rental and property management
  • Corporate and Executive relocation
  • Consulting services
  • Property remodeling


Deciding to buy, sell or invest in property means your lifestyle is going to change for the better. At a point in our lives, we have had a cause to buy a new property whether for business sake or for residence. As the housing market continues to appreciate in the San Francisco area, the expert guidance and support we give our clients is often the difference between buying, selling or investing on a profitable property and missing out.


Our numerous years of business experience have enabled us to thrive successfully while providing an expansive range of real estate services. You may want to ask how we’ve been able to get the job done at every level of real estate business proceedings.


Quite simple. Our founder strongly appreciates the importance of creating and maintaining a perfect relationship with the members of the team (affiliate professionals inclusive). Through her belief, we have successfully partnered with a dedicated set of affiliate professionals who keep earning our trust by delivering top quality customer services over the past 10 years and counting. From a team of expert real estate agent to a dedicated set of financial advisors, lawyers, remodeler to mention but a few, we work as a team of professionals to achieve a common goal — helping our clients gain financial security through expert guidance and support in financial planning and wealth management in the real estate business.


Some of the qualities which distinguish us from other Real estate agencies in the area:


  • We make use of our active and traffic influx social media accounts and web pages for optimal exposure of your properties whether you are buying or selling.
  • We offer complete and exceptional customer service which involves expert handling of real estate business proceeding from the start to finish.
  • Our years of experience of successfully buying, selling, managing, relocating and leasing homes in the San Francisco area is unmatched.
  • We have the adequate exposure and connection- Real estate business is really about getting the connected with the right individuals at the right offices and locations.
  • Our expert support will keep you abreast of the market trends and guide you through the complexities of buying and/or selling a house or investment property.



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