Noe Valley San Francisco: Homes for Sale


Noe Valley San Francisco has become one of the most coveted residential areas. Many of the Victorian and Edwardian homes in the area have been updated for modern living, and the area is convenient for downtown commuters, with easy access to highways and the J-Church Muni Metro line.


Noe Valley San Francisco houses were built in rows, with some of the efficient, low-cost homes being more ornate than others, according to the owner’s taste and finances.


Twin Peaks rises high above the valley, blocking much of the fog that lingers in the city’s Western neighborhoods. 24th Street is the heart of the neighborhood, and here you will find friendly faces popping in and out of boutiques, restaurants, cafes, salons and many long-standing small businesses. Throughout San Francisco, this area is known as a popular place for both new parents and dog lovers to congregate.


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Where to Take a Date in Bernal Heights and Noe Valley

Nailing the perfect venue is an absolutely essential component to the success of a date. But here’s the thing: What makes a great first date spot is definitely not the same as what makes a place the best to celebrate a special occasion or even a second date – so deciding where to take a plus-one doesn’t always get the same answer.

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